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Luke 1‑2

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Keep the Change

Pastor Rob Ketterling shares a special message based on his new book, “Keep the Change.”

Keep The Change is all about holding the gains you’ve made in your life. So many people make changes in their lives but after a few months or years, they slide back into their old habits. Once you’ve made progress, what can you do to hold the gains and keep the change?

Christmas Eve Services

You’re invited to an all-family, candlelit Christmas Eve service at River Valley Church. Come enjoy Christmas carols and a special Christmas message!

24 Hours of Prayer

Save the date for December 9 & 10! We will be gathering together for 24 hours of prayer at our Apple Valley Campus.

Global Teams is one of the ways we are reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Join a global team and travel around the world!


We are one church with multiple locations


Pastor Rob & Becca Ketterling

“We are a local church with global vision to raise up and send out 500 full-time missionaries from our church. We believe everyone deserves the right to hear about Jesus Christ, so we’re saying ‘Here I am. Send Me.’”

River Valley Church Lead Pastor