Prayer & Care



If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a family member, you can contact us to make arrangements for a River Valley Church pastor to conduct a funeral service at River Valley or another location. For more information, please call 952.255.8800.

When illness or injury strikes, we are affected emotionally and spiritually. Our pastors and hospital visitation team members are available to visit for prayer and encouragement if you or someone you know is hospitalized. To request visitation, contact us info@rivervalley.org or call 952.255.8800.

Our meal ministry is designed to provide meals for individuals/families that may have experienced a loss of a loved one or are at home recovering from surgery or serious illness and are not currently in a Small Group or being supported by a Serve Team, family, or friends. Our meal ministry team will provide two to three meals a week. If you would like to have meals set up and delivered to your home, please complete the care request form and indicate your need for meals. The meal ministry coordinator at your specific campus will contact you by email or phone.