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River Valley 500

We are passionate about fulfilling our vision to raise up and send out 500 full-time missionaries from our church. These people are from all walks of life—young and old, married and single, college students and retired—and everything in between. They have committed to serve God overseas for at least one year and pray about giving Him a lifetime.

These 500 missionaries are known as the River Valley 500.

Today, more than 180 individuals have already been sent to the mission field all over the world.

We believe the common mission of all Christ-followers is to participate in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the entire world (Matthew 28:18-20). Whether we go, pray, support or welcome the internationals who are here, we all have a role to play!

We have created a MAP (Missionary Action Plan) as a starting point to explore missions at a deeper level.

The MAP is designed to help you process the role God is calling you to play in the Great Commission. Whether that be going, sending or supporting, we all have different roles to play.

If you’re ready to register for the map, click here.

For those with the honor and privilege of being sent, each journey will be filled with different adventures and challenges, but the goal is the same: to bring glory to Jesus Christ. For some, the journey to the mission field will happen relatively quickly, but it will be more difficult and take longer than imagined for others.

Regardless of how long it takes or where you end up, we believe that God is faithful and His timing is perfect.

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River Valley 500 Stories

Missionary Monday: Molly’s Story of Her Call to the Mission Field

Missionary Monday: Molly’s Story of Her Call to the Mission Field

Before I knew Jesus, I spent my life chasing purpose through a selfishly nomadic lifestyle. I traveled and lived all over the world and developed a burden for the marginalized and unseen.  When I gave my life to the Lord in 2016, I was worried that I’d have to give up much of this lifestyle […]

“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.”

Quoted from the journal of Jim Elliot, Martyred Missionary to Ecuador