Promise Principle

Josee Melan
Nov 11th, 2022
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Promise Principle is a powerful tool to teach people how to hear the voice of God through reading the Bible. It calls us to a daily God connection in which He speaks clearly through His Word and promises transformation, power, and direction in our everyday lives, (Romans 12:2, 2 Peter 1:3-4). Anyone engaged in Promise Principle experiences what we call the “new accountability”. The old style of accountability focuses on sin management, while this new accountability propels people forward, igniting a passion to seek, hear, and obey the voice of God. This is where freedom in Christ becomes evident in our lives. God can then truly use us to inspire those around us to follow Him.

The power of reading the Bible every day

How The Promise Principle Works

Most people never actually read the Bible outside of church, let alone on a daily basis. In Promise Principle, the goal is not the quantity of what is read, but rather what is revealed. We read one chapter, repeatedly each day, for a week which allows us to meditate on what God is saying. Typically one or more verses and a general theme will stand out as the Holy Spirit impresses them on us. This is where God speaks to us clearly.

The mechanics of a weekly Promise Principle group:

  • Before you open your Bible, pray a simple prayer of surrender and ask God to show you what He wants you to see next. Don’t look for what you want, rather look for what God is showing you. Be open.
  • Read the current week’s chapter daily. If you miss a day, simply start again.
  • As God reveals a verse or verses to you, highlight or underline them, pray and meditate on them. Build the discipline of daily reading His Word and you will become a miner of “God’s Gold.” This is why we re-read the same chapter daily each week.
  • Once you start to see the verse or verses that God is showing you, determine if they are a Promise, a Truth and/or a Command (it can be one, two or all three.) When you meet with your group, you will share this as well as your verse.
  • Next, it is essential to journal what God is speaking specifically to you. Start by listing your verse followed by whether it is a Promise, Truth and/or Command and why. Finally, write a prayer to God for yourself listing the words of life He speaks to your heart. This is when you take action and obey what He has asked of you. Tell God what you are going to do next. Again, this prayer is for you, not “us.”

Be mindful in prayer, asking God to put someone on your heart that you could invite to your Promise Principle group. The world needs Jesus!

Promise, Truth, Command

Consider using the colors below when highlighting the verses God is showing you. When you look back and see them, you will know immediately what that verse means to you. When you employ these simple focuses as you read God’s Word, you will find that your faith journey will launch to a new level.

Promise = Red
What do you do when you see a stop sign? Not a trick question—you stop! When you learn that God has promised you something, there should be no more anxiety, worry or doubt. All of God’s promises are “yes” and “amen!” When you see a promise in God’s Word, stop and reflect on it. Once that settles, immediately surrender any doubts or anxiety to God and trust Him at His Word. When we daily surrender our “good, bad, and ugly” to Him, we receive FREEDOM in return. What an amazing gift!

Truth = Blue
This one is very simple. Truths are facts. The sky is blue, and there’s no argument about it. Similarly, let’s fully receive God’s truths when we read them. This daily trust in Him allows us to stay surrendered and free.

Command = Green
We GO on green. When God shows us a command in His Word, we are to immediately obey. Easy right? Also, your fellow Promise Principle members can help remind you to do what God has told you to do when commands are given and shared. A true disciple obeys the Father.

Plan, Vision, Dream

Plan, Vision, Dream is a powerful opportunity to share what God is speaking to you and what specifically needs to be put in motion. Every 6-8 weeks, we drill down and focus on God’s specific direction for our lives. Foundational scriptures for Plan, Vision, Dream: Habakkuk 2:2-4, Philippians 3:12-14.

Plan = Your next step
Examples: Starting to tithe, reading the Bible daily, surrendering something to God, forgiving someone, leading something, a career change, starting family devotions, getting your body into shape, paying off debt, etc.

Vision = Something you believe God wants you to go after
It can be vague—just an idea—something to pray on. It can also be very clear, but still in the vision phase (no action or plan in place).

Dream = Something huge that you sense God wants to do in your life
A dream in The Promise Principle is something only God could do and something you cannot do on your own.

Promise Principle weekly group structure:

Open in prayer. Then read the current week’s chapter aloud, trading off verses or paragraphs as you go around the group. When you are done, take turns sharing your personal Promise Principle from the week and praying for yourself at the end. Reminder: This is not a prayer for us or we, instead it is a prayer to God telling Him the action steps you are going to take from what He has shown you. Encourage each other and build relationships outside of your group time as God prompts you.

  • If you are unclear on anything, ask one of your Promise Principle leaders to explain it in more detail.
  • Every 6-7 weeks, we use our group time to discuss God’s Plan, Vision, Dream that He is stirring in each of us. Read the section below for more about this powerful week.
  • Promise Principle groups typically meet weekly for one hour. When we meet together, God shows up with His presence in ways that He might not when we are on our own (Matthew 18:20).
  • We have two leaders per group because Jesus modeled having His disciples go out two by two (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1).

You can follow along with Promise Principle readings on the River Valley app here.

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