How Not to Read the Bible

The Bible is more than just a collection of good stories, wise proverbs, and good morals: it is the living, active, and powerful Word of God! This course helps us understand how God reveals who He is through His story in the Bible and why we can trust what it says and trust Him as its divine Author. We will also learn how the Bible is actually a library comprised of many different books and genres, which each brilliantly unveils God’s heart through a variety of styles of communication. One aspect of God’s character is that He designed every human being to play a role in His story, as He works in and through us: the Bible is a wonderful example of this partnership as the Spirit of God inspired human authors to communicate His words to the people of their time and place. Yet, every word of the Bible was also written for us, not just to an ancient audience. We will also learn how to understand it as a unified and eternally meaningful narrative that leads us to know and love its hero and main character: Jesus Christ.