River Valley YTH

YTH Camp

July 15-19, 2024

YTH Camp is five days of fun, excitement, friends and worship, all in an environment that honors God and encourages spiritual growth. Students entering grades 6 through 12 (including graduating seniors) are invited to join us for this life-changing week!

Early Bird Registration: $330

Early bird registration closes on May 23 at midnight!

Late Registration: $375

Late registration closes on June 13 at midnight!

Use code: YTHCAMP

This code must be used upon registration so that your student is placed with River Valley YTH at camp.

Scholarship & Discount Forms

Scholarships are offered based on the need and availability, they are not guaranteed. We offer full and partial scholarships for YTH Camp!

We offer sibling discounts (the first sibling that registers pays full price and the other siblings will receive the discount) and single-parent discounts (for students with single parents).

Scholarship/Discount Deadline: June 6 at midnight

Discounts and scholarships cannot be combined. Rather, where applicable, the greater discount will be credited towards camper registrations and reflected in the adjusted price given to families. 


The camp has a strict no phone/device policy during our time at camp. The reason for this is for students to be fully disconnected and engaged in what God is speaking to them. When students arrive at camp, they will be instructed to turn in all phones, apple watches, tablets, and any device before getting off the bus. These will be returned to them for the trip home.

For rec activities, students will be divided into color teams that will compete against each other throughout the week. They will find out their color team via email a few days before camp.

How will students get to camp?

Students are encouraged to ride the bus that we are providing for them.

Is my student allowed to drive themself?

No, we encourage students to ride the bus to and from camp. We strongly encourage students riding the bus. If it is due to a health reason or a schedule conflict then they can drive themselves. However, this must be approved by our central tema and have written approval from the parents.

Please inform us of the specifics at ythcamp@rivervalley.org. We need to know exactly what is happening and they must check in and check out of the office.

Please let us know if you have a student in each camp so we can ensure this is honored.

They can attend either Kids, YTH camp or both!

When students register, they can enter several roommate requests. We go by who the students request first and then from there, we make room assignments. The students will be staying in cabins, dorms and various rooms throughout the campsite. Everyone will receive a bed, but make sure that your student brings their own bedding to camp! Thank you for your grace and understanding as we room about 1,000 teenagers across the camp.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your Campwise account or are unable to login please call the technical support line at 866-433-4548