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Leslie Olson

This group will offer peer-based grief support to those who have lost a spouse or partner and are either past the 6 month mark or ready to begin the process or take some new steps in building that new normal. By tapping into a variety of resources, we will learn about and support one another through our meeting time and some occasional at home exercises. We will discuss how your faith journey intersects with your grief journey and the many ways God can seem very present or at times very quiet on this road. This group will be a place where you can freely share some details about your person and hopefully provide space to share the highs and lows that can accompany loss in your day to day life. Location TBD by proximity of participants. NOTE: Tentatively planning a Friday night group, however the day of the week may be flexible based on participants schedules so if this group interests you, please email group leader and share your availability.