Serve Our Community

Serve Our Community | Apple Ponds Park Clean Up | Apple Valley

Apple Valley

Saturday at 6:00 PM


Apple Ponds Park
Apple Valley, MN




In Person

Childcare Available:



Shana Vande Zande

This group was initiated and will be lead by my 5 year old son (Misha). He shared with me a message he heard from Jesus and wanted to obey Jesus' command. "Mommy, Jesus says we need to pick up trash and save the animals. We need to tell people to do this." He has been very persistent for months that he needed to do what Jesus told him. When he learned that our church has groups, he asked to lead one to pick up trash. We have adopted Apple Ponds Park in Apple Valley and will be maintaining the park once a month. This may include picking up trash, planting flowers, and/or pulling weeds from a planter or around a sign. Misha encourages other kids to join him and to play with him after clean up. Volunteers of all ages are welcomed. We will meet once per month. The time of day may fluctuate depending on season.