Pregnancy/Postpartum and Early Infancy Group (General baby ages 08/01/22-02/31/23))

Apple Valley

Thursday at 5:00 PM


15653 Eddy Creek Way
Apple Valley, MN




In Person

Childcare Available:



Jenna Perrault

This group is intended to bring together pregnant women, moms of newborns, and their babies. These stages of life can be amazing, but they also can rock your world. Based on that, we want to bring together people who are going through these experiences at roughly the same time. This is a BRING YOUR BABY group, but for other children it depends on if they can be gentle with babies. Protecting babies from too rough of play is an absolute priority. When: LAST Thursday of every month, 5:00-6:30OM, starting 08/25/2022 Where: 15653 Eddy Creek Way, Apple Valley MN 55124 Long term this group will hopefully turn into a baby play group! As stated, older children can come, although it's highly important that the babies aren't over exposed to germs or rough play. No childcare is provided, so it's on the individual to know if an older child can handle the environment. Also we do have a dog in our home, caution for allergy sufferers...