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Financial Peace University


Thursday at 6:30 PM


5610 Laurel Ave
Golden Valley, MN 55416-1058




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Gabriel Anderson

Finances can be a daunting conversation to have with yourself (or with a spouse), especially if you're in a large amount of debt and don't know what to do to get out and on your way to freedom. As Christians we're called to be free from limitations so we can live a life that additive to the kingdom of God based on our appreciation of Jesus' sacrifice. An important way to start the journey of a Christ centered life, of living in personal and spiritual freedom, is in our finances. For those new and old to finances, FPU is an excellent way to refresh yourself on good financial practices, and to start 2023 off in a way that sets you up for financial freedom. Plus, it enables you and your family the flexibility to walk in accordance to your purpose and calling with confidence. FPU is a 9 week program, but our group will go 10 weeks (09Feb2023 - 20Apr2023). The first week will be a meet and greet to get to know one another and discuss what to expect over the proceeding 9 week FPU program. This first week will set us up for incredible personal relationships that will keep you on the right track to financial peace. Although FPU can be done individually, there's immense value in going through it with a group for the added support to invigorate you in your financial journey. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to meeting you!