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CTY Street Team

City Campus

The Street Team is responsible for engaging with the people on the streets of Minneapolis and inviting them to come check out River Valley Church.


The Street Team goes out into the streets and uses an evangelistic approach to spark a conversation and invite people to church. Through a handshake, sharing a smile and offering a free cup of coffee the Street Team exist to love the people in the community and let them know there is a church that would love to say “welcome home”. The Street Team members are also prepared to walk guest into the building, show them around and if necessary connect them with an appropriate leader or pastor.


Street Team members have a passion and boldness to witness and engage with people who may not have a relationship with Jesus or go to church. Training is provided. Minimum age is 18 yrs. unless a parent or Youth Pastor gives approval.


As a substitute, you will be contacted to fill in whenever a person on a team cannot fulfill their obligations. The members of the Street Team are asked to meet by the welcome center at 10:20am where they will pray together and hit the streets at 10:30am The team will be finished at 10:55am in time to attend the 11:00am service.