Harry Osland


The Portuguese speaking nations of Africa are home to some of the largest and fastest growing churches in Africa. The growth has greatly out-paced Biblically trained leadership needed to conserve help establish new believers in the faith and preserve established believers in that faith. The Assemblies of God in Angola with its 2.5 million members, is the second largest AG church in Africa, followed closely by Mozambique with nearly 2 million. The Bible college we began in Angola in 2012, since December, 2023, under complete Angolan leadership and we continue serving in a mentoring/consultant ministry. We have been asked to help in the same manner in Mozambique and will spend a part of February in that country.

First Mission

Harry’s first mission work began in South Dakota and Minnesota, but his first overseas work was in Portugal in 1988.

Becoming a Missionary

Harry received his missions call while he was attending Bible school in 1978.


Beth Osland - Wife