Colin Lindstedt


River Valley 500. We are currently in a transition phase to move from Brazil to England and live there with YWAM full time. During this period we are working with YWAM to do an online English and culture class. Leticia just finished the class and Colin was a staff member, and in January we will both be staffing the school. The school teaches English and gives people a place to practice and learn free of judgment, while also teaching them about the differences in cultures and how different cultures show different aspects of God's character.

First Mission

I went to many short term missions as a child, however when I was 21 I went to England to be with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) for 8 months. During this time God not only healed my depression and anxiety, He also renewed my identity to how He saw me, not how others saw me.

Becoming a Missionary

During my Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM, we spent 3 months of theory and learning who God is, and then 3 months of practical showing God to others. I was so changed and impacted that I wanted to continue serving in missions and helping others have that same experience of God's love that I did.


Leticia Lindstedt - Wife