River Valley


Membership is an intentional way to establish River Valley Church as your church home. We want you to feel a sense of purpose as you build relationships, serve others and ultimately grow deeper in your faith with God as you pursue membership at River Valley. There is no pressure to become a member, however, it allows you to be fully bought into the mission and vision of River Valley. We believe that by becoming a member you will grow spiritually, relationally and personally and have opportunities for greater leadership in ministry at our church.

We would be honored to have River Valley Church be your church home. As you pursue becoming a member of our church, below are the personal disciplines and church activities we would ask you to engage in.

  1. For your spiritual life:
    • Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and are following Him today.
    • Have been water baptized by immersion.
    • Engage daily in River Valley’s Bible reading plan, SOAP. (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer)
  2. In your attendance at River Valley Church:
    • Have regularly attended weekend services and been a part of one or more Small Groups for at least six months.
  3. For your involvement and support of the mission of River Valley Church:
    • Have regularly served in an area of ministry at River Valley Church for the past six months.
    • Have faithfully tithed at River Valley Church for the past six months.
    • Agree with River Valley Church’s belief statements, strategy and structure.
    • Desire to share in the responsibility of River Valley Church by praying for its growth, by inviting the unchurched to attend and by warmly welcoming those who visit.
  4. For common understanding:
    •  Have completed Welcome Home.

If you have completed all the above criteria, click on the link below for the application for membership. Once submitted, we will verify all information and submit it to the Elders for final approval. You will then receive a letter verifying that you have become a member.